Historic Palomar Hotel

Old Town Temecula

About Palomar Inn

The Palomar Inn was one of the three original hotels built in what is now Old Town Temecula. It was the first 'modern' hotel built in Temecula. The had electricity (electricity came to Temecula in 1922) and indoor bathrooms. Travelers using the Old Highway 395 (today's Old Town Front Street) stayed at the hotel on their way from Los Angeles to San Diego and back.

The perfect getaway for a group of friends or a family.

This historic hotel is in the heart of old town Temecula. It has everything you need, including a cute yard that is lit with atmosphere and a fire pit, lets you make old town your home during your stay. The place was perfectly clean with a small kitchen. Each room is thoughtfully themed which adds to the adventure of the stay, we will be back with our group of friends!

- Shana Pennington

Great Location...

Great Location, everything is clean, stuff is friedlly and helpfulll. Cant wait to Come back. 🙂💯

- Rok Kunkič

Awkward but social