Palomar Hotel In Temecula, CA Is Expanding!!

Carlo Palma is finally seeing his plans come to fruition as construction of his wine tasting room in the historic Palomar Hotel has begun.

Currently, Charlie Curry of Curry Vineyards has a wine tasting room in the lobby of the Palomar Hotel, and the other half of the hotel is host to the Temecula House of Wine which stocks Charlie’s fine red wines. Many people in Temecula say that Charlie has the finest Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon in the valley.

Let it be known that Charlie Curry, of Curry Vineyard’s, does have a wine tasting room – and it’s located at the historic Palomar Hotel, in conjuction with the Temecula House of Wine.

The Temecula House of Wine also has in stock, at all times, Charlie’s fine wines. They can be purchased in the store or online.

When Sid Hamilton, the owner of Mad Madeleine’s, heard of the expansion of the wine tasting room and saw the plans, he “said he thinks it’s a ‘lovely fit’ for that corner.” Mad Madeleine’s is across the street from the Palomar Hotel and Charlie Curry’s Tasting room.

It’s an exciting time for the Palomar Hotel, the Temecula House of Wine and the entire Temecula Wine Country.

The first phase of the hotel’s expansion is the tasting room inside the hotel. The rest of the expansion involves creating the wine and beer garden adjacent to the hotel and building an additional 18 to 20 rooms behind the historic Palomar Hotel, along with a rooftop martini bar which will give a bird’s eye view of the hills and mountains just behind Old Town Temecula and the Temecula River.

See our video of Carlo Palma speaking about the Palomar Hotel’s expansion, view the actual architect’s drawings of the new construction, and hear the excitement he feels about the entire project as a whole.

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